Garage Electrics

Garage Electrics

Could you really use some extra space and are underutilising your garage?

Is your garage just a bit of a dumping ground? Everything and anything that nobody is quite sure where to put ends up there. Behind a closed door that you only tend to visit when you need something - that you are sure must be in there somewhere!

An excellent way to open up the functionality of your garage space is to install electricity from the mains supply of your home. You can add power outlets, or built-in electrical appliances and once you have electricity in your garage the possibilities are endless.

Do you have a tumble drier that you rely on but can’t stand the dust and humidity it creates in your home? Could you use the space currently occupied by the tumble drier be used for something else like a dishwasher or maybe even just some extra cupboard space?

Have you ever done a big food shop and completely underestimated what's already in the fridge or freezer? You get home to unpack and then had to negotiate space for everything? Would an extra fridge or a chest freezer be ideal but you just don’t have the space?

Perhaps you need somewhere to use as workshop if you enjoy tinkering or fixing bikes or cars but just don’t have anywhere to plug in the equipment that you need to use. Lighting can also be a problem in this instance as during the winter months with shorter days the light can be very limited.

Installing electrics to your garage enables you to make better use of the space available to you. You can plug in bulky appliances and keep them out of the way and make the space functional any time of day with the addition of lights.

With electric cars becoming more popular, a charge point is essential to the owner who will usually charge their vehicle overnight and is usually installed on the exterior of their home. With a power source in a garage an electric vehicle charger can be safely installed in the garage keeping the vehicle safe from vandalism or theft which can also help to reduce car insurance premiums. Interior chargers can also benefit other E-transport including electric bikes keeping them safe, secure and sheltered whilst being charged.

Installing electricity to your garage comes under section P of the Building Regulations meaning a suitably registered electrician should always carry out the work needed to install the new circuit. Section P of the building regulations states that installing electricity to any outbuilding is notifiable meaning the electrician must have sufficient qualifications - specifically part p compliant, to enable them to carry out, sign off and certify the work needed for the new installation, providing copies of the certification to the homeowner.