Summer house electrics

Summer house electrics and lighting

There are many reasons you may decide that the installation of electrics into your summer house would benefit you.

Maybe you have been moved to permanent home working and need a new space to work from. You might be planning to host garden parties in the summer and want an outdoor space to entertain in including lighting and a fridge even your own bar! Or maybe you need a tranquil escape that allows you to relax and unwind in a space right on your doorstep.

The opportunities for your summerhouse are endless.

It can be a great additional living space in the garden and with electrics enabling you to heat your summer house it can quickly become suitable for year-round use rather than just the warmer, sunnier months.

Whilst highly beneficial, running electricity to your summerhouse can feel like there's a lot of work involved, especially as when adding a new circuit to your existing electrical unit needs to be certified. This is why consulting a qualified electrician is the easiest option, making the installation of electricity to your summer house safe, reliable and hassle free.

When considering having electricity in your summer house it's important to consider what you want to use the electricity for. How many plug sockets will you need? How many light switches? Don’t forget to consider how any outdoor lights you may want to include too.

This will need to be decided and discussed with your chosen electrician so that they can work out the level of power required to achieve your desired results.

Inside your summer house you will need separate lighting and power sockets which both need to be protected by RCD’s which is something a qualified electrician will advise on.

It's also good to be prepared for the slight disruption that can be caused from the installation of the armoured cable running from your home to your summer house. There are two options for this, the first being for the cable to be ran visibly overground or the second option is for the cable to be buried in a trench – this is often the more popular option as its less likely to be disturbed by weather or wildlife. However, it's also more disruptive due to the small trench being dug out all from your home to your summerhouse.

At Marshall Sadler we are fully qualified NAPIT approved electricians, we can provide our expert advice regarding the installation of electricity to your summer house and can provide our customers assurance that we work strictly in accordance with the Part P Electrical Safety work regulations.

We will discuss with you your individual needs and provide the most appropriate solution for you with the least disruption.

On completion of installing electrics to your summer house we will provide you with an

Electrical Installation Certificate (Also known as a Minor Work Certificate) that confirms that the work meets BS 7671 – Part P fully compliant as required by law.


So don’t hesitate call us today on 01529 664250 to arrange your free quote!