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Electrician in Cranwell

Electrician in Cranwell

Home improvements are an ongoing project in most homes. With many keen to turn their hand to DIY, DIY electrics are not advised and its always recommended that any electrical work needed is undertaken by a qualified electrician.

Whether you’re a homeowner, letting agent or landlord, it’s important that you feel reassured in the knowledge that any work you are having done is being completed safely by a registered electrician.

First and foremost, when selecting an electrician, it's important to ensure the electrician is registered and has the qualifications to undertake the work required. All registered electricians will be able to provide proof of their qualifications that can also be independently verified by the customer.

Ensuring the electrician is registered with the correct credentials is paramount to your safety. If you are a landlord, letting agent or homeowner, you will want to ensure the safety of those living in the property. Dependent on the work required you may need a safety certificate to be provided, which can only be provided by a qualified electrician.

Garage Electrics

Garage Electrics

Could you really use some extra space and are underutilising your garage?

Is your garage just a bit of a dumping ground? Everything and anything that nobody is quite sure where to put ends up there. Behind a closed door that you only tend to visit when you need something - that you are sure must be in there somewhere!

An excellent way to open up the functionality of your garage space is to install electricity from the mains supply of your home. You can add power outlets, or built-in electrical appliances and once you have electricity in your garage the possibilities are endless.

Do you have a tumble drier that you rely on but can’t stand the dust and humidity it creates in your home? Could you use the space currently occupied by the tumble drier be used for something else like a dishwasher or maybe even just some extra cupboard space?

Have you ever done a big food shop and completely underestimated what's already in the fridge or freezer? You get home to unpack and then had to negotiate space for everything? Would an extra fridge or a chest freezer be ideal but you just don’t have the space?

Kitchen Lighting

Kitchen Lighting

Our kitchens are often seen as the hub of the home performing on a multifunctional level. The lighting needs to evolve to ensure it can support our growing needs for the space such as dining, relaxing, homeworking, entertaining and the obvious food preparation.

Clever lighting has the power to transform an ordinary kitchen into the versatile space we need. It can make small spaces seem larger, disguise awkward architecture or compensate for poor natural light.

The main lighting used in the kitchen includes ambient, task and accent lighting.

Ambient lighting is the main source of light which can be in addition to natural light or to compensate for the lack of it. Its best to cast as much ambient lighting as evenly as possible from your ceiling which can be done with a combination of fittings such as chandeliers, pendants or recessed lighting. Ambient lighting should generally be places as high as possible to fill your kitchen with light.

Decorative Outdoor LED Lighting

Decorative Outdoor LED Lighting

You may have spent a lot of time making your garden the perfect outdoor space and are now looking for the perfect way to compliment this, so that you can enjoy your hard work as the warmer evenings draw in.

Outdoor lighting has a multitude of benefits from both a safety and a style point of view. You may want to install outdoor lighting for a social atmosphere for patio dining or maybe you simply want outdoor lighting to enjoy alone to wind down or even a practical purpose.

 Whatever your outdoor lighting needs are there are many outdoor lighting solutions available to you.

The most popular enquiries we have regarding decorative outdoor lighting installation include -

Garden wall lights

These are a permanent fixture to a wall as the name suggests. With many options available wall lights can provide a useful lighting solution to finding your way along a passageway or can be used to provide mood or ambient lighting when installed correctly.

Summer house electrics

Summer house electrics and lighting

There are many reasons you may decide that the installation of electrics into your summer house would benefit you.

Maybe you have been moved to permanent home working and need a new space to work from. You might be planning to host garden parties in the summer and want an outdoor space to entertain in including lighting and a fridge even your own bar! Or maybe you need a tranquil escape that allows you to relax and unwind in a space right on your doorstep.

The opportunities for your summerhouse are endless.

It can be a great additional living space in the garden and with electrics enabling you to heat your summer house it can quickly become suitable for year-round use rather than just the warmer, sunnier months.